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permitted to work with children check

Working With Children

This check verifies that your candidate holds a current Working With Children Clearance. All states and territories have introduced legislation providing for child-related employment pre-screening, and there are important differences across jurisdictions. As of June 2013, all jurisdictions in Australia have some form of child-related employment pre-screening legislation. These laws make it mandatory for certain individuals engaged in occupations such as education and childcare, child protection, child and family welfare, health, entertainment and recreation, and religious instruction to meet screening requirements.

Because each state and territory has developed their own processes for the introduction of Working with Children Clearance process, checking the validity of a WWCC can be difficult.

TalentScreen Working With Children Checks take away the complexities,and we make the verification of a WWCC simple. We understand the processes and their differences state by state, who is required to undergo screening, and how different occupations are identified.

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