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Employment History Checks

 During the process of the interviews, your hiring managers are going to want to validate the past experiences of the candidate, to ensure they meet the requirements of your job specification, and have the skills to do the job. And, you will typically reference check the individual with at least one or two referees to verify the quality of those skills, and generally the candidate's performance in past roles.  But is that enough?

Employment History Verification. We call it "Triangulation". Triangulating the information provided by the candidate, the referee, and the HR or payroll department of the candidate's prior company. Whilst we ask for specific information from referees, we triangulate that with information about the role, position and job description that the candidate was employed in from payroll or HR. This gives a better indication of the depth and breadth of the past day to day activities, and capabilities of the candidate.

One of the most important pre-employment checks, employment history can also tell you about the character of the candidate, ensuring there are no unexplained gaps, exaggeration of roles and responsibilities, that your candidate may prefer you didn’t know anything about.

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