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Built by us, for us, to better serve our customers

Our world-class technological excellence is based on our ongoing investment in R&D, our in-house software development team, and our belief that great customer service can only be a reflection of the systems that deliver it.


At the heart of TalentScreen systems is a dedicated workflow engine and automated job routing system. We knew that automation = efficiency, and efficiency is what our client base demanded. We have some of the smartest software developers in the world working for us, who wake up every day thinking about how our systems can make life easier for our clients, and deliver a better candidate experience.    Inbound jobs are routed directly to your verifiers, who are chosen based on your industry, and the types of checks you require. When an order is accepted, system clocks start ticking and every type of check has a completion KPI, with the same sophisticated workflow engine alerting and re-routing if a check is nearing a deadline. 

Client Benefits

When we surveyed our clients that had come over from other background check companies, we found a common theme - lack of communication, and lack of responsiveness. We decided our systems needed to address that, and give our clients great visibility and the ability to communicate.

Our web based client order management system, "Gatekeeper" gives you visibility into every order, every check, which verifier has it, its progress, and associated documentation.

Want to discuss directly with the verifier that has the check? No problem, call, email, and instant message, even when your order is broken into individual checks being handled by different staff.

The systems developed by TalentScreen and our parent MVSI are the backbone of our business, continually being updated, developed, and enhanced to make use of the latest technology and trends and deliver on our goal of a fantastic customer experience. 


Visibility, clarity, constant. With MVSI technology supporting your orders and checks, as well as the people assigned them, we are always available.
 candidate experience Candidate Experience
Our automated Candidate Consents System (Candy) removes almost all the tedious information gathering typical of the past. With our snap and go system, candidates can even snapshot their ID directly from phones and computers with a camera.
KPI Management
Automated process management & workflow means managers are alerted when a deadline is nearing, or a check/order has been at a single stage for too long. This ensures nothing is missed, and we meet our clients' KPIs consistently.

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