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Our History

TalentScreen (Trading as My Verification Service) was founded in 2006, originally as HR admin outsourcing service. Starting with just two people, we provided a range of outsourced admin, recruitment, HR and candidate screening services to the SME market. As the business grew, candidate profiling, interviewing and selection assistance became more and more of our business, culminating in a uniquely specialised offering based on pre-employment screening and background checks. Along the way, we earned our accreditation with ACIC, as well as the various state and federal government bodies responsible for licencing, trade credentials, entitlement to work, and others, both in Australia and New Zealand. At this point, we established ourselves as a premier provider of background checks and pre-employment screening.

The Next Chapter

By 2015, our screening division represented the majority of our business, and the decision was made to make background checks our core business, and our only business. In 2016, we completed our re-branding to TalentScreen, in line with our new corporate charter and market focus. With the re-branding complete, our focus is on being the leader in best practice customer and candidate experience, and quality of service. We work with government agencies, our partners, and technology companies to drive change and continuous improvement in the way information is accessed, and how it can be delivered to our clients in the most expeditious method possible.

Corporate Strength

TalentScreen is a wholly owned subsidiary of MVSI, an international specialist in Managed Verification Services. Through its offices across Australia, Europe and the US, MVSI provides a range of solutions for verifying individuals, contractors and companies against multiple compliance requirements such as KYC, identity, corporate fraud, employment law, and others. 

For more information about MVSI, see or corporate website at MVSI.com



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