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ASIC Directors and Shareholdings

 ASIC Directorship & Other Significant Shareholding Checks are used to report on an individual's dealings as a company director or controlling party. These include current and past directorships, banned and disqualified from being a director, as well as any enforceable undertakings.

If conflict of interest, shareholdings, executive and non-executive directorship roles are important to your business and the role you are hiring for, then an ASIC Directorship & Other Significant Shareholding pre-employment check should be on your list.

This will show what other companies each person is currently associated with, or has been involved in as a company officer, shareholder or member, as well as any ASIC enforceable undertakings.

Enforceable undertakings are undertakings given to and agreed by ASIC, which are enforceable in a court of law. Undertakings are used by ASIC as an alternative to civil or administrative action where there has been a contravention of any legislation administered by ASIC.

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