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Reference Checks

Behavioural Checks, done by humans, or fully automated.

Reference checking is a significant skill. At TalentScreen, our verifiers are skilled at listening, and understanding responses. 

We always begin by ensuring the person we are speaking to is an actual line manager, who had direct responsibility for managing the performance of the individual, rather than a friend or peer, as so often happens.

Through experience, when listening to responses we know when to dig a little deeper, when to rephrase the question, when to continue to look for specific objective examples of the candidate's performance, or KPIs that you may be interested in. 

Outsourcing reference checks is efficient, and produces significant advantages over performing them inhouse. We have thousands of hours of experience, and we can partner with you to bring those benefits to your hiring process.

Call us today to find out more about our experiences, and how we can help you to ensure you hire the best people for your company.

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