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Pre-Employment Screening Services

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Every day is a client day

What makes TalentScreen different?

Every day we think about our clients. At TalentScreen, we don't believe in processing checks robot fashion. Each of our verifiers is highly skilled, and understands the nature of their assignment. And that is to verify the candidate, and ensure we report back accurately and correctly so our clients can make the best hiring decisions possible. We report inaccuracies, and where required, we probe the underlying causes and reasons.

We don't run call centre styled background checks. Every client is assigned one (or more) verifiers, that will be with you for the duration. You get the chance to know your verifiers, and they know you. Your company, your culture, and what's important to you, in your world. This ultimately leads to an enormously higher quality of service, with TalentScreen and our staff really becoming a trusted partner and extension to your business and hiring processes.

We achieve this through the extensive use of technology and our underlying software systems. We invest heavily in R&D, to deliver business process automation and efficiencies to our clients.  Our vision is to be a global leader in background check and pre-employment screening services. The productivity gains and quality of service we can now deliver is second to none.

We also offer a broad range of consulting services and engagements, around screening process design, interview techniques, and more. In the world of pre-employment screening, TalentScreen can be your full service partner. 

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A Culture Of Customer Service

What makes great customer service? That's something we think about every day at TalentScreen. Based on years of feedback from our customers and their requirements, we have distilled it into our core elements, and these elements form part of our company mission statement.

Great performance can never come without great people and culture, and the opposite is also true – great people and culture are affiliated most with high-performing organisations. We moved from a focus on the “what” of  business to the “how” and “why” our customers operate.

We hire the best people, and we frame them in a culture that lets them deliver consistently higher service levels. And when our processes are at odds with our customers, we change our processes, not the other way around! 

Know your customer and their business. Every one of our customers has unique requirements.
Think Long
Our customers should be for life. Trust & confidence can only be built by experiences over time.
Work Ethic
Some tasks are challenging. Stay focused and see them through to completion.
Invest in yourself. Our customers rely on our expertise. 
Be Available
When our customers need us, they need us. Responsive, honest communication is part of our job description.

Call us today to find out more about our experiences, and how we can help you to ensure you hire the best people for your company.

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