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Civil & Infrastructure

It's all about people. A lot of people. Qualified tradespeople, engineers, licenced and ready to operate. Whether you are standing up a new project, or hiring as you go, TalentScreen pre-employment check solutions for civil and infrastructure can be a seamless part of your on-boarding process. We ensure your candidates are job ready, OH&S ready, compliant and ready to go.

When you on-board for new projects, if you have high volumes, or you need a company that understands the value of current licences, qualifications and certifications, TalentScreen has a range of pre-employment checks designed to ensure you get the right people on the job - fast!

And when you need your contractors certified for Federal, Banking or Finance contracts, ask us about our portable ID, Criminal, AML, CTF and PEP certification.


Call us today to find out more about our experiences, and how we can help you to ensure you hire the best people for your company.

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