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Contractor Probity

Sending staff or contractors on site?

In highly regulated industries, it is a requirement to have on site contractors verified for Identity, Criminal History, AML and PEP watchlists before going on site to your customer's premises

TalentScreen provides Verification Certificates that comply with all legislation, as well as being portable from client to client. We even have auto renew facilities so you don't have to worry or remember. 

We use a real time technology interface to the major government systems, and results are almost instant. Contractor Probity Checks and certificates are typically completed within 24 hours, unless there is a match on a criminal history check, in which case ACIC will manually verify the accuracy of the data prior to releasing to us. This may introduce a small delay, but we will keep you posted every step of the way. 

Ask us about our complete probity & compliance outsourcing service for your contractors and staff.

Call us today to find out more about our experiences, and how we can help you to ensure you hire the best people for your company.

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